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Visual Asylum creates brand experiences through visual storytelling. Our award-winning design professionals are problem-solvers – passionate about creative solutions that communicate the essence of your most important messages. The results build relationships by bringing brands to life in dynamic, memorable ways.

We are designers.

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Brand & Identity

We are brand visionaries with a particular passion for storytelling. Visual Asylum’s thoughtful, strategic approach to brand and identity development will connect the dots that build awareness, boost engagement and solidify relationships for your brand. Whether you’re a startup or an established industry leader, we’ll add value by bringing clarity that solidifies your brand position.

Our strengths in this arena include:

  • Naming Exercises
  • Brand Development
  • Identity Packages
  • Design and Visual Language Systems
  • Message Strategy
  • New Business Launch
  • Brand Effectiveness and Refresh

Graphics & Signage

We specialize in built environments and wayfinding systems that bring your brand to life in vivid, multi-dimensional ways. Visual Asylum’s approach blends art and strategy to create highly usable brand experiences that are engaging and memorable. Spanning hospitality, educational and corporate environments, we bring award-winning expertise to your project – and are committed to innovative solutions that will distinguish your space.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Wayfinding Systems
  • Environmental Design
  • Master Sign Programs
  • Placemaking Signage
  • Art & Beautification Projects

Product & Packaging

Visual Asylum’s award-winning team of experts will create innovative product and packaging solutions that are engaging, intuitive extensions of your brand.  We’re results-oriented, striving to differentiate products even in highly competitive retail spaces. Our approach is unique, artful, usable and ultimately memorable. From product concept to positioning to design and packaging – we bring the vision and execution you need to make a big impact.

We can help with:

  • Product and Packaging Concepts
  • Product Naming and Positioning
  • Product and Packaging Design and Production
  • Retail and Point-of-Purchase Display


Our love of all things tactile is evident in the attention to detail that we bring to print projects. Visual Asylum’s design aesthetic is bold and impactful, and our thoughtful approach to color, paper selection and production process ensures that your print pieces are crafted with intentionality. With deep roots in educational publishing, our scope of work also includes annual reports, conference and event support, donor development and sales and marketing tools.

Here are some ways we can help you:

  • Brand and Storytelling Pieces
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Packages
  • Showcase Books
  • Invitations and Event packages
  • Donor Kits
  • Sales and Marketing Collateral

Campaign Strategy

When it comes to the big picture, you’re speaking our language. Visual Asylum recognizes that the best design solutions evolve contextually as components of your overarching brand and business strategy. We’ll walk with you through the clarification and strategic development process, defining goals and measurable outcomes that ensure that each piece has individual impact and contributes to the bigger picture.

We add value in these areas:

  • Brand Vision
  • Product Launch
  • Message Strategy
  • Product Matrix Development
  • Marketing and Communications Mediums



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