AIGA Tweet Street

Located in the Cortez Hill neighborhood of downtown San Diego, Tweet Street is an outdoor bird park designed to house birds displaced by downtown development. Upscale bird residences were designed under strict guidance by wildlife experts to ensure the health and safety of specific downtown birds.

Visual Asylum led this unique urban initiative, which includes 10 uniquely designed and fabricated birdhouses, by local designers, illustrators, and architects. We named this “pocket-park” in downtown San Diego, created a visual identity system along with conceiving of a platemaking signage system inclusive of the interactive kiosk, which acts as a teaching tools for the community, one tier devoted to the instruction of what types of birds live in the neighborhood (be on the look out for), the second explained the flora/fauna found in the park and why it was chosen, attracting the native birds and final tier teaches all about the design of an appropriate bird house, informing the importance of ventilation, access for cleaning, free of predator perches.

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