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Soviet Poster Show at San Diego City College

Dialogues: Poster Art of the Soviet Union was created and organized by the faculty and students of the San Diego City College graphic design program. Thanks to Ron Miriello, the owner of the poster collection for sharing these treasures with our community.

Fifteen local designers were asked to design new posters like their historical counterparts that feature political, social and arts themes but include a visual or conceptual reference to Soviet culture. Click below to read Amy + MaeLin’s inspiration behind the piece!

“Amy and I were struck by learning that the struggles for contemporary Russian women and our own experiences were in some ways not that dissimilar. We are so very fortunate to live and work in the US and have many more freedoms than our counterparts in Russian/Soviet Countries. Cultural and political differences aside, on a human level, our piece explores an inner dialogue we have as professional, single women in the US and imagine there are more similar thoughts then differences for professional women in Russia in 2015. Women are expected to compete toe-to-toe with the male counterparts, in addition to keeping a home, raising children, being kind, considerate and nurturing–things men are not necessarily expected to do. And really if the truth be told, we would really love to just sit in studio and listen to music while making a dress!

We are sisters, partners, friends and have both been influenced by so many different artists, some of which include Russians artists: Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall and Soviet clothing and textiles of the 1920’s–strong, bold and modern even for today.”

–Amy & MaeLin Levine



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